Getting a pre-kindergarten education is an experience that is not required but recommended. While some prep programs are offered through the public school system, the majority are offered through, private or religious institutions. These schools usually offer a play-based curriculum that prepares children for the school environment. The teachers are a big part of this experience.The experience usually includes a very playful and fun environment for the children. Teachers in these preschools are vital in this experience as the child is still young and vulnerable being away from home and their mothers at such a young age.

Youth educators can use simple things and incorporate them into play. kids with this age learn through play concepts that incorporate all of their senses. While they are having fun as well as getting used to essential social concepts such as being respectful of their peers, and taking turns, they often are unaware that they are absorbing educational concepts.

Physical activities like tetherball improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills, writing games sharpen fine motor skills, games with cards help to encourage memory retention, and games focused on books instill a love of reading and language. Outdoor games and activities will help them to develop their physical intelligence and learning games will help them with their mental development. Pre-K teachers in many cases are extremely involved in the development of the learning agenda above all else in terms of incorporating writing, math, social sciences and history through learning games. Today’s teachers in preschools also have the computer at their disposal.

The requirements to become a teacher and especially a teacher can change depending on where you live. However, the most vital role of the teacher of these young children is to get them excited to learn and look forward to going onto to kindergarten. If the teacher accomplished this they have done a great job.
Originally written by Samantha Harris
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