Question- What has been the highlight of your career?
Answer– The highlights have been so many to be very humble & honest. In our country, sadly, the highlights are always considered in terms of awards, individuals are not valued. If I go purely by that, my name has been recommended to the Governing Board of Editors of American Biographical Institute, Inc. because of exemplary performance for biographical inclusion in the Seventh edition of INSTITUTIONAL DIRECTORY OF DISTINGUISHED LEADERSHIP, FIVE HUNDRED LEADERS OF INFLUENCE  & MILLENNIUM HALL OF FAME. They have also requested me to be on their board of governors which I declined. I have been recently awarded a fellowship known as “ Innovation in Process “  amongst dignitaries from all over the world in an international seminar on 8th ED Leadership programme in September 2016  in C.M.S, Lucknow ,  for three of my innovative ideas. One of them is about an Invigilator-less Examination/ Assessment system which is almost accomplished. Apart from that, I have won numerous awards throughout my life in the fields of Drama, Mime, Recitation, Elocution, Debate, Quiz, Extempore, Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball the District, State & National Level.

Question- What have been the main principles that you have tried to inculcate in your students?
Answer– I would, first of all,  love to keep it very simple- a joyful and secure environment for all my UNIQUE TALENTS within a Principle centred Academic management system. I try to inculcate self-discipline within them. I prepare them to be responsible in order to become responsible. Education should always promote holistic development of children which takes into account their IQ,EQ, SQ ,PQ & XQ. We need to encourage our students in how to think and not what to think. Our curriculum is designed & mapped in that way. I encourage mutual learning and believe that there has to be a congruency between what is being taught and what is being experienced. Principles should be Pupil-centred, Resourceful, Intelligent, Intuitive, Novel, Neutral, Caring, Challenging, Innovative, Progressive, Loaded & Entertaining yet Educative. The process &  context of learning must take account of the diversity of intelligence. Think Globally & Act Locally will be the mantra.

Question-How would you describe your leadership skills?
Answer– There are a lot of types of leadership like  Autocratic, Bureaucratic, Democratic, Laissez Faire,Transactional, Change, Pedagogical, Servant, Multicultural  etc. I believe that different situations warrant different styles of leadership. Each leader should know when & how to use what. If you look grossly, I would call my style as Creative, Corrective and Transformational. I believe that a Leader should always give freedom  & chance to experiment to his  colleagues in order to empower them to find  their voice and let them hear his. I feel an urge from inside  to create more leaders for tomorrow.

Question- What is your stance on discipline?
Answer– In the life of a Student, one of the very important qualities is discipline; again it can be of many types like Boundary based Discipline, Emotion Coaching , Gentle Discipline, Positive Discipline etc. Discipline  is basically the missing link  between the goals and accomplishments. It has to be gained though order and objectives , need to be reasoned out with rationality and then followed. For example, in my school, the CODE OF CONDUCT is drafted by the Students themselves. They agree upon the common agenda that they need to abide by after having a deliberation  with the Discipline Committee & the Principal . Once they feel the importance of being a part of  the decision-making process , they automatically feel the need to be more responsible & orderly.

Question- what advice would you give to a new teacher in his or her first year of teaching?
Answer- That’s a very good question indeed . I would say that you are the King or the Queen of this Empire and therefore, enjoy your journey. Break the four walls of the Classroom. Make it a Happy, safe & secure environment. Give ownership to your  Students. Have a concrete planner and routine in place. Bring discipline & orderliness by using both positive & negative reinforcements. Be your natural self & do not try to mimic or copy anyone else. I will ask him/ her to be organised and  put first things first. She/he should be able to make the classroom  a better place, learn to work in a team, involve parents more and teach/ facilitate not the way in which  he/ she would like it but  the way in which the students would love it. Last but not the least he/she should set up high standards & expectations- for students as well as himself/ herself.

Question- What do you think about the new technological trends in education and how do you plan to leverage it in your school?
Answer- Technology is a wonderful thing that has happened to Education. We will have to embrace it with both arms without neglecting  the human aspect of education. Cloud computing, MOOC, Blended Learning, BYOD, Gaming, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps, Internet connectivity, Social Medias, Use of videos for classwork & homework, Flip classes etc. & their interference & integration in the field of Education is a Technological Revolution which we need to tackle sensibly & carefully. To me, in my scheme of things, Teachers will be the prime focus as planners and technology will supplement these plans through perfect execution. I want to use the transformational part of technology in a smart way that reduces the workload of teachers and the tremendous ability of it to provide access to thousands of  people within the blink of an eye.

Question- In the end, any last message that you would like to give to our readers?
Answer– I would like to share two things: first, a paradigm that has changed my life completely; “Between the stimuli and the response there is a space;  In that space lies our power to choose our response . On the way, we choose our response depends on our freedom & quality of life.”I think whatever we do in our life, our ultimate happiness depends on the way we respond. Secondly, I would like to encourage the new generation  to come forward and join the field of education. It needs more passionate, intelligent, smart & vibrant leaders to build characters on one hand & the Nation on the other:Let us live, love, learn, lead & leave a legacy.

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