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Benefits of signing up with Konverv

Get our innovative and complete suite of applications.

Mobile App for Parents

Communicate effectively and timely with parents.

Information System for your centres

Maintain student and educators records online. Accessible 24 X 7.

Online Enrollments

No standing in the queue for parents and no paperwork for the school.

World's best communication platform

Save Time. Increase effectiveness and deliverability.

Android & Apple Mobile App

Parents, as well as the Educators, can use the Mobile App to stay updated.

100% deliverability

Unlike emails, dedicated mobile apps achieve 100%deliverability. So no more parent complaints.

100% Free Messaging

Unlike SMS / Text, push notifications are Free and also support unlimited characters, images, and links.

Attendance & Fee notifications

Send attendance notifications and fee reminders directly to parents on their app.

Go Green with e-Newsletter

Our study showed increase in 60% readership when newsletter was sent to Parent on the app vs. when sent via email

Conduct Surveys

Parents can answer surveys sent by you. It’s super easy to Collect feedback or to make decision collaboratively.

Photo Gallery

Just upload the photos on admin panel and parents can see them on the app in a fraction of seconds. Easy!

Event Calendars & Time-tables

Create a calendar of events, timetables or meal schedules, so parents have quick access to this information on the app.

All your information at one place

Student information System

Maintain digital records of students and parents information. Export functionality lets you extract all your records in a spreadsheet.

Educator Information

Maintain complete records of teaching and non-teaching staff. All details are available at one place for example name, start and end dates, centre details, Education and Qualification details.

Backup of last 7 years available

Don’t worry anymore about losing any data. Backups of last 7 years are saved in our servers and are available for your reference


Bus Tracking Solution

Parents can track child’s bus

Parents can see exact bus location on their mobile app. Hence no more waiting at bus stops and no more calls to admin asking for bus location.

ETA calculated using live traffic situation

Accurate ETA or Estimated Time of Arrival of the bus is calculated using live traffic information provided by Google.

Manage Bus Fleet

School can monitor exact location of all their buses on a single dashboard

Rash driving notification

School can track bus driving behaviour such as acceleration, speed limit breach and harsh braking.



I was unsure initially whether online enrollments will help me but I am very happy with my decision to go with Konverv. Apart from saving time and effort the biggest benefit has been that parents are very impressed and it has improved my preschool's brand value!
Ray PetersDirector of a leading preschool in Sydney
I am highly impressed with the Konverv mobile app and the team behind this product. The app stands out in the crowd because of its unique features. I love the Polls feature where I post a question, and my users answer with one tap on their mobile phones. Their cost is very competitive. So far, I have called their support line twice, and customer service has been impressive. I wish them all the best!
Daniel SpenceHappy customer from Punchbowl, Australia


Konverv Basic
$ 800 (Setup)
$ 600 (Yearly fee)
iOS and Android App
Send unlimited messages
Notices & Circulars
Newsletters, Surveys
Digital Signature & Absent Note
Fee reminder & Attendance
Photo sharing & Calendar of events
Konverv Premium
$ 1000 (Setup)
$ 800 (Yearly fee)
All features of Konverv Basic Plus
White-label solution
(Apps in your name in Android and iOS app stores)
Prospect capturing
Staff & Educator Database
Customized Solution
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All features of Konverv
Plus new features you need
Fully customized solution for you
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