Successful child care providers know the power of engaging parents. Konverv provides the survey feature for schools, preschools and child care in their software by default. Here are the top 4 ways child care providers are using Surveys to engage parents.


  1. Collaborative Decision Making

Collaborative Decision Making










A child care has to weigh and consider many options before opting for something that works best. By use of surveys, child care can ask parents to share for their votes to make the decision. For instance, a child care can decide where would they like to conduct their next annual function by letting parents vote for their preferred option. Collaborating decision-making surveys can also be used for selecting the holiday dates or the introduction of a new service.


  1. Gathering volunteers








Schools can always do with an extra pair of eyes when it comes to handling children. Parents can quickly register and sign up for events (drama rehearsals, football practice) and help the school. This is also an easy way to keep the parents updated on the upcoming events – that way parents can encourage their kids to participate.


  1. Acquiring Feedback







It is easier for a school to improve its operations and processes if they can receive feedback that is quick and constructive. Child care can use surveys to collect feedback from parents – be it bouquets or brickbats – the school will know whether or not the parents or the children are happy. Feedback could be about pedagogy style of the child care, services, educators, recent events or anything that the child care finds relevant.


  1. Collecting user inputs







Let’s say you are hosting a Parent Teacher Meeting or any other event and you would like to collect inputs about RSVP. You could do that using Surveys. Or let’s say child care wants to collect the dress sizes of the children for ordering costumes for an event. Such inputs from the parents can be collected quickly and accurately using the survey feature.


There are ready to use tools easily available which are lightening fast to capture all your needs.

To name few of such powerful tools we have

  • Survey Monkey
  • Type form
  • Survey planet
  • Google forms


How are surveys done differently in Konverv?

The user experience of conducting Surveys using Konverv is unparalleled. Here is how Konverv survey is different:


  1. Parents receive a notification on the mobile app when child care sends a survey request. The app reminds the parents about completing the survey hence submission rate is 30% higher than when surveys are sent over email.


  1. Once the parents have answered the survey, it vanishes from the mobile app hence no chance of multiple submissions by the same parents


  1. All the results are available to you in the Admin panel. You can view the results and even export it to a spreadsheet.


  1. As Konverv software already has the student and parent details, you don’t need to enter any email ids for sending the survey. With just a tap of the send button, all the hundreds of parents receive the survey request. Unlike emails, a survey sent to parents on their mobile app cannot be forwarded or shared with others.


To know more about how you can use Konverv app to share daily sheets with parents, write to us at or call us at (02) 8046 6403.

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