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Are you looking to create a new school website or perhaps you are redesigning an existing one? This article will help you understand how you can design the best school website that stands out in the crowd.

1st Element for the best school website – Live Chat Integration

Your school website design needs to ensure you can engage the visitors. Visitors might be the prospect parents looking for enrollments or could be parents of students in your school or anyone else seeking to know more about your school.

Most websites have relied on contact forms for too long. There is nothing wrong in using forms but today’s software offer a better option that is chat.


Integrating a Chat window in your website design makes sure you can engage them – solve their queries, share more information about the enrollment dates and process, help them with information about an upcoming event.

Your website developer or your IT partner will be able to integrate chat in 15 minutes. There are many chat software, but the ones I recommend are Zopim ( and Tawk ( Both these chat software are Free to use. You can also set office timings during which the chat window will be available (for example 9 AM to 5 PM).

If you need support from Konverv to set up chat on your website, drop in an email to or visit us at


2nd Element for the best school website  – Responsive Design

Responsive design means your website should work on all devices – laptops, desktops, smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices. If you have analytics set up on your website, you can quickly check the traffic percentage of visitors using mobile devices. We have seen close to 80% traffic if not more on school websites coming from mobile devices.



If you already have a school website that was built long back, it is time to call your ICT partner or web developer and get your website updated, so it works on mobile devices.

If you require Konverv’s support, feel free to email us at or visit us at


3rd Element for the ebst school website- Visuals

You use visuals and visuals aid in your teaching styles. Multiple types of research done have indicated information is absorbed 90% quicker with visuals when compared to text. Hence, it is no surprise that visuals form an important part of your website design. Some examples of visuals are images, videos, and infographics.

A good illustration of how to include visuals in your school website design is Progressive preschool’s website. You can check it out at

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